Sven Signe den Hartogh

But right now I can feel what Michael Scott have felt. I can feel his troubles on my shoulders when I quote this great man : it;s not the horniness it’s loneliness.

so-unhip said: What happened at the fest?

in positivus? good things happened I was with really nice people I saw amazing bands and tomorrow im leaving to next festival in poland to see NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL wut wt wut ye ye say wuuuut???

i hope lena gonna follow my instagram 


Mark Rothko Black-Form Painting No .8. 1964. National Gallery of Art, Washington

so i had a dream that lena dunham let me borrow her arm tattoos and tattoos appeared on me and i was like “this is really cool ,not my type of tattoo but this is cool”

Anonymous said: Was Fight Club meant to be specifically Marxist or just a critique on capitalism in general?


Don’t get too political on me.  ‘Fight Club’ was about the awkward transition from obedient child to self-assured adult.  Too often young people think that buying and owning things will make them adults, but those — sofas, etc. — are only the trappings of adulthood.  The book is meant to show trials and challenges that allow an individual to build an internal sense of ability and accomplishment.  The desire for possessions dissipates once someone establishes his or her skills and passion in the world. 

wtf? why nobody likes my perfect picture where im super happy before seeing the horrors?? wtf? 

e: “ Sekmes tau festeee pareivink ten taip normaaaliaaaaii,kad batu VEL uzsideti negaletum”

ME before THE HORRORSpicture :

The Horrors | Luminous


is this blog stupid? yes. but which one of us is following it?